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How to use GLSL shaders to create a damage flash effect

You know the effect, seen in tons of classic games -- an enemy flashes white to indicate they have taken damage. An example from my own game Tiny Robot Justice Squad which is on Steam Greenlight can be seen below:

Things are getting exciting

I had a minor freakout the other day when I realised how much content needs to be created for this silly little game. Watching video game playthroughs of old Amiga games, and episodes of Adventure Time, made me think about all the awesome visual elements and polish that probably took someone hours and hours to design and realise, only for it to be visible on screen for ten seconds or so. Then I had a good two days or so of solid work where I finished about 50% of the second level of the game.

A good week

So I built some boss behaviours, drew some guns, fixed a lot of bugs, and realised I'm about a boss away from having a finished first level.

Guns are hard: Notes on designing a weapons system

I think I've come to the conclusion that designing a set of weapons for the game is like playing a musical instrument -- it's not important what notes you play, it's the notes you don't play that are interesting. It's the gaps, the intervals, between different weapons that make the whole system something interesting.

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